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01 who we are

Blockdynamics is a software developement company specialized in blockchain analytics, Bitcoin forensics and enterprise software. We use machine learning and graph analytics tools to classify and understand the activity on the Bitcoin network. We produce datasets and investigations for anti money laundering purposes and lost fund recovery. We also develop enterprise-grade Blockchain software for industrial Fortune 500 clients.

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Basile Verhulst


Basile is a Data Science Engineer and Entrepreneur. He graduated from ETH Zurich and has conducted Robotics Research at UC Berkeley. He has been developing Machine Learning products in his two previous startups, and He is also an investor in the high-tech and blockchain industry since 2015.

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Max Song


Max Song is Blockchain Researcher and Entrepeneur in Hong Kong. He was formerly a data scientist in Silicon Valley, Paris, and New York, where he helped perform analysis for a Fortune 10 financial institution to satisfy regulatory requirements. Ex-Teaching fellow at Singularity University. He received a ScB in Applied Maths from Brown University,MPA at Schwarzman College (Tsinghua University)




We provide seminars and design thinking workshops introducing participants to the key concepts of blockchain and industrial IOT and how it can be used to improve processes in Enterprise and Governments.


We help companies identify a strategy around emerging technolgies by adapting to the specific needs of their business line and leveraging latest innovation in the field.

Solution Design

We design holistic solutions that encompass people, process, operating model and technology. 


We implement blockchain Solutions from Proof of Concept to Production. We integrate into existing IT infrastructure and remain cost-efficient by minimizing the overhaul of procedures.

03 Solution Roadmap

Step 1

Use Case Exploration

Understanding the demand of your Business Unit

We explore in what novel ways emerging technologies can solve current problems you are facing in your Business unit. This can be part of a design thinking workshop.  

Step 2

Feasibility Study

Preliminary Survey

We will engage in more detailed discussion about the environment in which the solution is to be deployed. We  will examine its feasibility and costs. Together we will estimate the process and financial benefits of the solution.

Step 3


Iteration with Stakeholders over Use Case

We have a lean approach to solving problems. We will first propose a cost-effective mockup of our solution to your business unit and iterate with all stakeholders until we find their consensus on its design.

Step 4


Proof of Concept

Once all stakeholders agree on a solution design, we will implement a Proof of Concept (POC) for the a selected segment of the Business Activity. The POC will then be rigorously tested under all circumstances.

Step 6


Maintenance and Training

To ensure the long-term stability of the solution, we can train the IT Department for its maintenance, or perform scheduled off-site or on-site interventions.

Step 5


Full Implementation

Once the POC has been tested in its effectiveness and stability, we will scale the concept to a full implementation.




Our company is founded with a global vision, we are based in Asia and Europe, and have deep roots to the Asian economies and cultures. We are inspired by the builder mentality of Silicon Valley, and the respect of individual liberty and privacy of Europe. Our team members speak: English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, French, Spanish, German. We hope to be a cultural bridge between the continents to uncover exciting cross-border collaborative and creation opportunities 


We believe in leveraging scalable technology, deep research and implementation to drive success. We draw from experiences in cutting edge academia, close relationships with leading blockchain companies, and professional enterprise engagement to build our team, our products and our vision. We focus on use cases for blockchain around data analytics and enterprise applications.


We come from backgrounds of consulting and client engagement with Fortune 500 companies. We listen carefully to our clients and understand their needs before developing solutions. We translate the world of cutting edge technology to important business considerations, and help our clients keep abreast of new trends in emerging technologies.



05 technologies we use 


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Hong Kong Office: iDendron, 1/F Knowles Building, HKU, Sai Ying Pun

Shanghai Office: People Squared, 28 Yuyuan E Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai Shi, China, 200000

Paris Office: 15, rue du Colonel Driant, 75001, Paris


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